This year I am doing my luxury wish list differently. I have been sharing my wish lists on Youtube since 2019 and truth be told I have manifested those coveted items by simply speaking them into existence. There is power in the spoken & written, something about putting it to the universe then having the drive to achieve what on paper seems unachievable

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Back to the 2022 list, as someone who enjoys fashion & style, I endeavor to educate myself and be in the know, I came across content that spoke about luxury minimalism, it fascinated me. Luxury minimalism isn’t about being frugal. It is however, about being thoughtful about the few QUALITY items you add into your life. I am adopting that this year.

I am also stepping out of the shadow of the big – very well known luxe brands, and looking at smaller niche designers who are excellent at what they do.

So, without further do my list for 2022.

  1. The Cartier love ring – I have the Cartier Tank Françoise watch, I acquired this timeless classic 2 years ago. This timepiece is an heirloom that I will pass down to my children and their children after that. To me Cartier represents something bigger than just a “flex” it’s represents family, hard work, legacy. The founder Louis- Francois Cartier starting a business that he later handed over to his children who took it to the next level, I work towards that daily.
Cartier love ring

2. Polene Paris-  This fairly new luxe house embodies femininity, from the curves of their bags and the smooth seamless designs. My desire is to own the Numero Uno, Nano size in Camel color

Polene Paris

3. Gucci Princetown mules in white/ cream – I own the black ( have had them for over 6 years- they are worn out) Last year, I added the Jordan in classic black and I have already gotten so much wear out of them.

Gucci, to me is the one shoe brand that is really worth every dime, the leathers, craftsmanship, comfort and the white pair would elevate every single item in my closet.

Gucci Princetown loafers

4. Rolex Lady datejust- Oyster Steel & Gold – What can I say seeing her in REAL life had me drooling. Would want to add her in my watch collection when I hit a personal goal this year.

Rolex Lady Date Just

5. Coach Tabby size 18 – I have desired this puffy marshmallow candy looking accessory for a year now! Coach made a comeback with the reinvention of this classic bag and I am here for it! She is fun, youthful and makes a statement especially when paired with simple outfits (white tee & jeans). Waiting for the right price for me to take the plunge.

Coach Tabby 18

And that’s all folks! Please leave a comment with your list. I would love to hear from you.