Lavender from Art Caffe Market

We have been working from home for a while now and I must say that its no longer a novice. It’s honestly astonishing how adaptive we are as humans can be, especially to situations where no other choices are available. Who knew we could workout from our balconies , sit on our kitchen counters, dinning tables or on the floors of our the living rooms to start our work day? All the whilst making home still be home…, that place where we can unwind, relax and entertain

Because we are spending a lot of time in our abodes why not make them places we love to be in. A great way to spruce up any living space is making it smell nice. This exercise doesn’t limit anyone in terms of space or location. However massive or small you home is, making it smell lovely is a gift you can enjoy in you dwelling

Here are 5 ways to keep you home smelling fresh and happy (yes, happy)

  1. Open your windows

Seems obvious right wrong. Most of us are afraid of dust coming in or noise or even mosquitos making the thought intolerable. My suggestion would be to open all your windows first thing in the morning for a couple of hours, even an hour and let the morning air breeze through you home.  

2. Get indoor plants

Plants have a myriad of benefits, apart from being beautiful they play a role in keeping the air in home clean. They produce oxygen, eliminate toxins in the air and improve over all the quality of the air circulating in you home. In Bathrooms especially, they absorb some of the excess moisture and dust. Makin git less stuffy. For living areas I love Snake plant, Monstera, palm and ferns for the bathroom

3. Buy flowers with Scents

As part of my no buy rules, I have reduced the amount of flowers I buy weekly. Instead, I have chosen flowers that last longer and smell good on top of the aesthetic value. Tiger Lilies are on top of my list, 2 stems will fill up a room with the most beautiful scents. Lavender, mind and eucalyptus are a great for kitchen counters, bathrooms and other small nooks around your home

4. Scented carpet & Upholstery cleaning spray

I have rugs all over my apartment (they add a touch of warmth and are gorgeous to look at) they do however over time absorb smells and dust, same case for fabric sofas, foot stools benches. The next time you are cleaning them spray a bit of scented upholstery cleaning spray before gently brushing or beating for carpets and rugs. If you know how, a home made concoction works just as well. I prefer to buy ready made as I would like to ruin my Persian rugs.

5. Scented floor and surface cleaners

I bought the Astonish Exotic Orchid concentrate on a whim and after first use I added it to my monthly shopping list. One bottle cap diluted in water in a medium size bucket is enough for all the floors in my apartment. It leaves every room smelling fresh. To add to that it is also disinfectant.

  1. Light a candle

Spice up you evenings, scents can be an aphrodisiac and burning an oud, chocolate or rose scented candle and create a sultry, sexy mood

Scented Candle from Adelphi Leather

7. Tee tree Oil

Comes in a tiny bottle but packs a punch, this potent little guy is my secret weapon in the toilet. A few drops on the toilet roll and the loo smells minty all day long.

I hope you enjoyed this read, Please leave a comment with more tips that you have on the same topic. Make sure to follow mw on Instagram for daily content and on Youtube where I post twice a week.

Sending you love and light