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Happy New Year!

What a blessing to see another year. A lot has happened in the last 20 or so months and I would be remiss if is didn’t take time to acknowledge the loss and the pain most of us have experienced. my heart goes out to everyone affected by the pandemic. I pray that you find strength to forge ahead and the peace that surpasses human understanding.

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I am not one to make audacious resolutions, but this year the winds of change blew my way and I wanted to share with you a resolution that I have decided to embark on, yes! this is a journey y’all and we are all going on this ride together as I will for certain need an accountability partner. (Penning this down is my way of holding myself accountable)

Have you heard the term “LOW BUY” before? If not, it is when a consumer decides that they need to put some restrictions and reduce spending for a certain period or throughout the year. It’s less restrictive than “NO BUY” and there is room for flexibility in the prior.  This practice is done for a myriad of reasons, usually it would be to save more money for a certain project or just for self-discipline but also as it’s a period of reflection, we have so much “stuff” already that we hardly get to use and this the time to get creative and put everything we have to use.

I am doing a low buy 2022 for ALL the reasons afore mentioned. I am not a shopaholic (I hope not) so this wont be too difficult, I have set a target of the amount I need to save and a timeline on when this should happen by. I Will have monthly check ins to review my progress and hopefully pat myself at the back.

I will tackle 3 categories – Designer purchases, clothing, skincare & beauty and lastly takeaway and flowers. Its shocking how quickly the later can add up.

Watch what I got for Christmas here

Here are my rules. Brand collaborations notwithstanding. Wish me luck

1. No luxury buys for the next 60 days, unsubscribe to all sites that send emails/offers etc.  After this period give my self 14 days to weigh if I still want the item.

2. No buying makeup and skin care unless I have completely ran out.

3. No buying doubles – if I already own something similar especially for clothes & accessories

4. No takeout on weekdays.

5. Fresh flowers every 2 weeks- so I am only buying lilies, Eucalyptus and lavender as they last longest

Bag YSL | scarf & cami from The Geek Boutique | Pants Mango | Shoes Zara

What intentions have you set out this year? Please share with us in the comment section.