Happy mid month my lovelies,

We conquered the first 6 months of 2021. Let’s hit pause and toast to that.

Since the pandemic I celebrate everything- -well almost everything. We (as in people) recover quickly and get over moments readily, picking ourselves up and keeping it moving – its not a terrible thing, quite the opposite one might argue, however, I fee like often we getting caught up in humdrum daily routines and forget the pleasure that comes with just sitting still in a moment/ a feeling.

I refuse to succumb to a dull and boring life, I try to find the sparkle and light in simple things, in experiences, in people… join me and let’s choose to live a life full of vigor, cheer & color.

Speaking of Vibrant- This month’s post is on how I wear the LV silk bandeau (also added a Dior Twilly)

I snatched her up last year Sept, after many attempts to “add to cart” – this item is always sold out, like most LV items.  Some of these luxury brands-others more notorious than others, make their products scarce to create demand therefore raising the value – how guileful. Any who I snatched her up from the LV dubai mall store and used Malahide Shipping to bring it to Nairobi.

Slated as an entry level luxury buy, Scarfs, Twillys and bandeaus are actually a must have accessory.  They are so versatile and really upgrade what would a rather basic outfit. Retailing at approx $290 this item comes beautifully packaged in true LV style however from the pretty packaging it is gost pwr wear.


1. On the neck- flight attendant- chic, elegant

2. Bag accessory – simple in expensive bags can get a luxe boost when the bandeau is tied around

IMG_3387 (1)

3. On your fav straw hat. Gucci has a hat that is most coveted (and counter fitted) world wide. following that trend, adding a designer scarf around a rafia hat gives the same luxe feel

4. As a hair accessory- tellement chic!

5.  As a Belt- not to keep your pants from falling but to break the monotony of a flowing dress and accentuating the waist- Haven’t tired this yet but I definitely will.

6. Arm candy – I have seen this on a few style bloggers. not too keen as its – high key looking like a cast 🙁

Which one is your more you taste? and will you be investing in a designer bandeu? let me know in the comment section

Thanks for stopping by xx