Buying pre loved luxury items was a concept introduced to me by an Aussie youtuber named Jerusha. ( I love how the internet can connect people of similar interests this way) I first heard the term Pre- loved & fashionphile from her Chanel and I immediately fell in love with the idea of acquiring designer bags -among other things -from people who had bought them, loved them and are now ready to pass them on.

Luxury items are made to last a life time hence the hefty price tag, Luxe fashion houses use only the best when it comes to materials and craftsmanship. Most of these houses are decades old and in that lies their heritage.


A few of my Vuitton faves all bought pre-loved

How to shop pre- loved. Here are a few things I consider:

  1. Price of the bag new VS second hand. If there isn’t much of a difference then I opt for new. This also lets you know what items hold their value and which ones depreciate (a good example is LV speedy and Chanel Classic bags, they hold their value)
  2. What is the condition of the bag. Most people take care of their things but it doesn’t mean that some people are careless and mishandle their items, so look carefully at the photos shared by the seller, corners and edges especially and if you need more images ask them, most resellers are always ready to answer any queries you have and send as many pics as you need (if they aren’t please take that as a red flag)
  3. Research before you buy. Watch videos and read blogs to see other people’s experience with the item. Look out for issues with color transfer, wear and tear, what fits Inside etc. It is  important you know what you are buying.
  4. Shipping costs and taxes. Make sure you understand the total cost of the item including courier and any government taxes especially if you are purchasing from outside  your region. Kenya has several cargo companies that can give you quotes from purchase till Door step delivery.

Damien Eben mini pochette

Why I love Pre- loved:

Honestly, the Pros out weigh the cons.
This is as sustainable as fashion can get.

I get to own pieces that are either no longer in production or very difficult to find brand new.

It’s also a great way to save money while still indulging in luxury. My latest bag -Chloe drew nano- was £351 whilst it ranges from £900- £1,500 brand new SCORE!


Chloe drew bag- nano size

The pre-loved market also allows us to enjoy vintage pieces, we are able to experience an era which would otherwise be forgotten. Vintage Vuitton and Chanel are so exquisite, any collector and or  luxury lover would to only dream to own a piece.

Pre loved consignment stores also allow us to Re-sell our items, using the same platform to make some money if ever we feel the need to.


Hermès Clic clac H bracelet In size small (most items come with a return tag, just in case you aren’t happy with your purchase)

Consignment stores I have shopped & highly recommend:

Fashionphile: located in the United States

Brandoff Tokyo: located in japan

DCT vintage: located in Japan

Designer exchange: located in the United Kingdom


Vintage Dior saddle bag

There is a Misconception that people who shop the pre-loved market cannot afford luxury and hence go after the “wealthier” class’ sloppy seconds. Well I beg to vehemently disagree and let you know that we pre- loved shoppers are smarter, getting much more for our buck and looking fabulous while at it!

Click links below to Watch some unboxing videos of my pre loved goodies:

My first fashionphile purchase

Dior saddle/ LV pochette/ LV key ring

tiffany purchase from Dct Vintage

Chloe bag unboxing

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