Location: Nabo Bistro https://bit.ly/2SnyTQF | Dress :  https://bit.ly/3bm7pnp

Photography by Irungu Mwangi https://bit.ly/2UyQFmH

Halo lovelies,

It has been a long minute (read year) since I last posted on the blog! They say “A change is as good as a rest” well, I’m rested and am back.

Your girl has been a busy bee, working smart and consistently to build the life she wishes to lead. Baby steps, but steps forward all the same.

During my break I took my first Solo trip, I went to Asia, lost 15 Kilos and became a Gin connoisseur ( okay connoisseur is too weighty, enthusiast- lets go with that one) bought one or two or 6 luxury bags – All pre- loved except one, read a tone of books, followed some really inspiration pages -and  un-followed  A LOT of those that did nothing for me. I worked with some amazing Brands, my own brands flourished and the best part, met some amazing people  with whom I foresee life long friendships.

What a roller coaster ride it has been! I am so grateful.


Tell me about you, looking back how was the last year for you? Did you accomplish much?

If not you have a New year ( its just 38 days old- pretty new in my books) Its a blank piece of canvas and you girl, are the artist.

Make big plans, break them up to bite size deliverables and watch you kick ass in 2020.

Set weekly goals, every seven days call yourself to a meeting and check if you did what you promised yourself you would do, honor yourself, love yourself. show up for you!


I came across this quote that is simple yet profound ” If you talk about it, it’s a dream. If you envision it, it’s possible. but if you schedule it, ITS REAL”

DSC05003 (2)

This time next year I want to hear how AH- MAZING 2020 was for you.

Sending you positive vibrations & lots of love, success & happiness