This one is for make up lovers,

I had the absolute pleasure to work with MAC Senior makeup Artist Marco Louise not so long ago and we discussed all things make up. Of course I got a sweet beat afterwards and let me tell you, I was feeling myself.

I had to document this look so the only person suited was Photographer extraordinaire Clement Kiragu, guys, when his hands hold that Canon, its pure magic!

Without further ado, here are 5 makeup trends that will see through 2017 and beyond:

  1. Hydrated skin, In Marco words” Skin is in” away with the thick cakey foundation and hello dewy supple looking foundation. Mac Studio Fix fluid is best for this and BTW its called “STUDIO FIX” because it photographs well. You are welcome.
  2. Highlight Like A pro: Oh yes we must highlight, but this should be done at the side of you face on the highest point of your cheek bone,soft strokes using the MAC Extra Dimension Powders and a little goes a long way
  3. Natural Brows: This is such great news because those black tick lines drawn on most faces were not flattering at all. Groom  your natural brows and enhance very lightly with a MAC brow sculpt.
  4. Smokey the eye: Whilst keeping everything “natural” and clean dark eye shadow adds a very sexy,mysterious feel to the look. MAC Coffee Pencil does the trick
  5. Luscious lips: Gloss up those full lips, Mac Patent polish lip pencil in the shade French kiss- is great as it also has a slight brown tint which matches your lip color.

Enjoy the pics and comment with your favorite make trend.









Until the next post