Turning 32: What Has Changed

Hi ya guys and welcome back to my blog.

Happy November! I have been busy working on my youtube Channel – Please check me out if you haven’t and while you are there please subscribe – that I hit the … Read the rest

Big Blooms

Hi good people and welcome back to my blog.

Have your heard? I am on Youtube! yes I finally gathered the courage to open a channel and so far I have two videos up. I live by the words “… Read the rest

LBD With A Cold Shoulder

I am always on the hunt for an LBD.

THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS is a one-man army (one -outfit army) it needs little to no styling, minimal accessories and yet packs a ton of “yaaas gurrrl” factor.

So imagine how … Read the rest

Nautical Style

Stripped tops are an undisputed staple, right after the white shirt. I associate striped tops to  sailing and summer as the trend is seen more often then.

Styling  stripes is a breeze as they go with everything. I paired mine Read the rest