Nautical Style

Stripped tops are an undisputed staple, right after the white shirt. I associate striped tops to  sailing and summer as the trend is seen more often then.

Styling  stripes is a breeze as they go with everything. I paired mine Read the rest

Fun Floral Summer Dress For The Office

Fun, Feminine, Floral and very budget friendly, this Yellow dress is all these things…

I love incorporating casual and weekend wear to my work wardrobe, that way I don’t get caught in a style rut and I get to maximize … Read the rest


This one is for make up lovers,

I had the absolute pleasure to work with MAC Senior makeup Artist Marco Louise not so long ago and we discussed all things make up. Of course I got a sweet beat afterwards … Read the rest


Happy February,

Well, the week started off cold! not too surprised as January had its fair share of down pour and when Nairobi skies get grey, I run to the back of my closet and reach for my trench coat.
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