Happy New Year Geeks!

Did you make any resolutions? Well I haven’t so let me make some now, -hand to chest- I resolute to drinking more water and less soda, buying less clothes *note I said clothes, not shoes,bags and … Read the rest

Bye 2013

I woke up to the smell of chapatis this morning, (someone is preparing themselves for a celebration) and why not,we have come to the end of another year,that is reason enough.

Twenty thirteen was a marvellous year. Sure like life … Read the rest

New In – Tis the season

Merry X-mas friends!!!!!!!

Have you done your holiday shopping? Well if you haven’t or still want something extra – us girls can never have enough. Check out some of my recent purchases and gifts and you could get inspired!

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Don’t Be Tardy

I am on a roll geeks! another post already..*claps for me

The weather did a 360 on us here in Nairobi right? I love it though.

I wore this fit yesterday. Well, I woke up super late and didn’t have … Read the rest