Halo beauties,

I hope you and you loved ones are keeping well.

For the last few months I have been very lucky to be working from home, I enjoyed the comfort that came with not putting together an outfit, the warm fuzzy slippers, the no makeup and sometimes yes, sometimes a full day in my head scarf.

However, things are slowly changing and I’m back in the office (for a few days a week at least) and now I am compelled to not only show up but also look the part, after all people see you before they even let you speak.

With that in mind I thought I would share some of the tips and tricks I have learnt over the years to look effortlessly chic and put together.


  1. Good grooming: Personal hygiene is of paramount importance. I know we all take the prescribed shower every morning but let’s delve deeper. Clean, combed hair, well-manicured hands and feet, waxing/ shaving, using deodorant, carrying breathe mints, using those wet wipes (ladies) It’s the little things that make a world of a difference when it comes to being kempt.
  1. Fitting, Quality underwear: 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size, this has consequences such as pain on your neck, shoulders and back also bad posture, chaffing of the skin around the band and straps and yes, how those blouses fit, according to a survey ladies, we don’t buy undergarments as often as we do other pieces of clothing, a shame really as they play such a vital role in the overall look of what you put over them.  Tip: Woolworths have a free bra sizing service use it.


  1. Invest in staples: These are key wardrobe pieces that elevate any look: they include but not limited to : A black/White /beige blazer, a pair of black/White/Beige pants, Black skirt, Black dress, white dress, Blue jeans, cami’s, white shirt, white tee, closed court shoes, closed flat shoes. Accessories matter: a scarf, a structured purse, a good belt, a watch and a fragrance – Just to name a few.
  1. Iron and repair your clothes: unless your clothes are branded on the outside entre Offwhite, Balenciaga, fendi et all, we don’t often know the brand that one is wearing. It is there not important how expensive an item is, it is however important to take care of it. Ironing your garments instantly elevates them, sewing back buttons, fixing zippers and bleaching those whites keeps you clothes ready to wear, and furthermore it speaks volumes about the wearer. Creased, ripped clothing screams that you are careless.


  1. Wear Neutrals: it’s that simple, an all white, black, beige or navy ensemble oozes sophistication, a monochrome outfit can encompass different fabrics like fur, leather, silk etc and that can breathe life this rather bland palette. If you want to mix up the  neutrals, go ahead as they complement each other effortlessly, and if like me crave pop of color once in a while, then brighten up your get up with an accessory, red kitten heels, a colored purse, a bright scarf or even just lipstick should satisfy the craving. Oh! if I didn’t mention leopard print is a neural (but certainly not head to toe) purrrrrrr
  1. Etiquette: This has little to no connection with fashion however, you cannot be well put together, chic or elegant when you are unpleasant, uncouth and discourteous. How you behave and treat others overshadows everything that you do. It’s a completer right off.


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