All Photography by Visual Magic Africa

I need a vacation,
I know it sounds ridiculous seeing as I was in HK about a month ago (click HERE to watch the travel vlog) however I seriously feel like some chill time is needed. Somewhere warm and sandy would be perf!

Perhaps it’s because it has been all work and no play for the last few weeks. on 8th Aug 2018, I opened a wig shop (the geek family is steadily growing) and that alone has been keeping me on my toes. What an interesting journey it has been so far. We celebrate one month of being open on 8th Sept 2018 and we are currently running a give away an 18’’full lace wig up for grabs for the clients who made our first 30 days amazing by making a purchase or reposting our images. Follow the hair page HERE and enter the giveaway you could be the luck y one.


Or perhaps it’s this dull and grey weather that we have had for the last 5 months. My 3 year old son is convinced the sun only lives in Mombasa, and I agree because she hardly shows up where we live.
Last Sunday was an exception the heavens opened and for a few hours there was SUN- all of the sun I mean the yellow light, the rays, the warmth all of it. I managed to get these shots and for a moment I felt like I was on vaycay.. lol!

After all isn’t that what life is about, making the most of what we have at the moment?


Hair: Geek Hair Kenya | Dress: The Geek Boutique | Belt: Gucci | Sandals: ZARA