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Creating a good first impression is essential in our day to day interactions, how you look plays a huge role when meeting someone for the first time, people quickly form opinions of you before you even open your mouth hence looking good, polished, classy and elegant goes a long way.

There is a huge misconception that looking good should cost a fortune, but I beg to differ. Am sharing my tips for achieving the luxe look for less.


Good grooming: First things first, body odour, chipped nail polish, unkempt hair, hairy armpits, stained clothes are all a no no, groom grooming should be part and parcel of your everyday routine, everything mentioned can be taken care of from the comfort of your home. Learn how give yourself a quick mani touch up in between salon visits.  Wash your clothes properly and maintain good personal hygiene. This may seem obvious but it isn’t for many.


Secure your goodies: good underwear is a no brainer, what happens underneath affects how your clothes fall on your body. I cannot emphasis the need of a good bra!

Minimal make up: nothing is more tacky than cake face. Get rid of the purple eye shadow and go for mascara, a dewy no make up make up foundation and a nice red lip. Parisian chic

Keep the jewelry to a minimum : especially costume jewelry, the huge fake stones and over the top hardware can really cheapen an outfit. simple earrings, a brooch and a watch is more than enough jewellery.. you aren’t going to the MET gala.

Wear sunglasses: Keep the design simple, go for classic instead of trendy, get a pair that complements your face shape.


Iron your clothes : unless you want to look like you slept in your clothes. A good press can take that Kshs 400/- blouse from zero to hero

Wear Neutrals: Black, white, navy, grey and camel are colors that not only complement one another but two exude elegance. You can also wear then color hear to toe for the most chic monochrome outfit.


Buy clothes with structure : Think Yolanda Hadid. Slouchy tops and dresses give more of couch potato vibes.

Tuck in: A simple side tuck (if you are wearing a tee ) or a full tuck (when wearing a blouse) not only accentuates your waistline but makes you look more put together, more neat & tidy. Add a belt for an even better silhouette


Make neccesarry adjustments : Get a tailor who can do simple alterations like take in your waist an inch or two, shorten or lengthen your pants etc. Getting clothes to fit perfectly is key


Outfit details: Oriental print set| The Geek Boutique| Sunglasses: Woolworths| Shoes: YSL

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