Second half of the trip was way north, in The jungle.

We took a 12 hour train to Bandhavgah where the Bengal tiger calls home. The hotel in Bandhavgrah arrange the train tickets for us, you must book in advance via the government website ( it wasn’t the most user friendly website) The tickets cost about 3,000 for second class, first class is booked way in advance and there is no much difference

On the train rider we had so much fun and drunk ourselves silly! I don’t even know what time I blacked out.

We arrived in Kanti Station at 8am then had to drive another hour and a half – yeah the tigers live far far away- none the less the journey is all part of the adventure.

tiger sign

Spotting a tiger isn’t as easy as spotting a Lion, they are extremely shy, We were there for 3 nights and were lucky enough to see not one, not two but 3 tigers.. aww they sure are a sight.

tiger 3

The tiger in the image below was a cub imagine that, him and his brother (who lay hidden in the bushes had just finished devouring breakfast when we got there)

tiger 4

Photography by the very talented Clement Kiragu, his wildlife website is Clement Wild

tiger 5

India is hot but Bhandavgrah is boiling, some days were 42 degrees Celsius, you must cover your nose and mouth when on game drive as it was very dusty.


The Gypsyies (what they call their small safari cars) fit  eight, If you want your own private gypsy be prepared to pay a hefty fee, book 4 months in advance and there is still not 100% guarantee that you will get one.

me in a gypsy

These are the cars used for game drives.

me & clem

We boarded a train to New Dheli, where we would spend 2 nights, chill and get some retail therapy.

treebo hotel

Our hotel Treebo was in a quiet and very posh neighborhood.


We caught a glumpse of the beautiful Lotus Temple (FYI its closed on Mondays) we had to quickly visit it as it was on our way to the airport.


Ofcourse all good things must come to an end, our India trip will go down as one of our best experiences – apart from when emirates left us in Delhi and had to spend a whole night and day in Dubai- That’s another story!

I truly hope you will consider visiting India. Its like nowhere you have been. I guarantee that.

Thank you for stopping by, until the next post.