I believe in looking good and presentable and when I dress well, I feel confident. I’m I fashion savvy?  yeah I think so, but I never turn my nose up to fashion tips and tricks.  Today’s post is just a few mistakes I have learnt over time and sharing them with you might help you avoid them altogether.

Photography by Clement Kiragu

Location Urban Eatery, Nairobi


  1. Oh no you can’t wear that!

Style is personal, as much as you listen to fashion advice and style tips from your friends, don’t hold that as the law! Wear whatever makes you happy, myths that curvier girls shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes or florals and that short girls shouldn’t wear culottes is just that MYTHS. What applies to one party doesn’t necessarily have to apply to you.

  1. Underwear

I have spoken about good inner wear in a few of my blog and Youtube posts, I mention it so often because it’s the first piece of clothing you put on. There is nothing worse that adjusting “things” throughout the day. Get a bra that fits (FYI Woolworths give free bra measuring) throw away old tattered panties, get spanx for that figure hugging dress so as to have a smooth silhouette. Invest in good underwear, it’s the foundation of your whole outfit and doesn’t even take up space!


  1. Showing too much skin is sexy.. umm no

I get it, you have worked hard to achieve that banging body, however baring all is great for Instagram likes not in real life.  Dress how you want to be addressed.


  1. Ignore the size tag

Not all clothes are made equal, sizes will differ depending on fabric, texture, cut and even country of manufacture. You could be one size in this dress and a different size in the other. That small white piece of fabric at the back is just to guide you when shopping. The more important question should be; does this dress compliment my body? And /or do I look and feel amazing in it?


  1. So what is designer

I am embarrassed to admit that my most expensive pair of heels is my most uncomfortable (am not making that mistake again) I write this to say that just because it’s a “big” brand it doesn’t mean it’s the best in terms of comfort and wear ability. Shop sensibly, looking great doesn’t mean spending thousands upon thousands on designer items (but if you have the money to spend and can stand the discomfort do you boo)

Ladies, you would be surprised to get quality, comfortable, classic pieces at a thrift store or local boutique, don’t get caught up in the labels.


  1. Why you no accessorize?

Hats, scarfs, brooches, sunglasses, belts, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc in moderation always compliment an outfit, surprisingly most people don’t accessories. why not give it a try.


I hope these few mistakes I have highlighted will go a long way in helping you dress better and in turn feel better.

Denim Jacket: Levis| Blue Jumpsuit: The Geek Boutique| Heels; YSL

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