Hi ya guys and welcome back to my blog.

Happy November! I have been busy working on my youtube Channel – Please check me out if you haven’t and while you are there please subscribe – that I hit the pause button on blogging.

However am trying to balance the two now as well as work, my family, my boutique and everything else in between, wish me luck 🙂


I turn 32 in 7 days! Yikes I was 22 like a second ago… but older and wiser and have no regrets about my choices. With that being said I wanted to share how the 30’s have been treating me and if you are about to hit the big 30 what to expect… sort of.

Here we go:

  • Metabolism Shut down: the moment I turned 30 even the smell of chips/ fries instantly added inches to my waistline…. My metabolism LITERALLY SHUT DOWN, I cant eat pizza everyday or even look at a muffin withouf feeling bloated, my clothes shrunk overnight, lol! So watching what I eat and especially the portion control is a daily struggle. I guess I should try those Tea’s everyone is promoting..mmmhh

 My advice:Take care of your body, drink lots of water, things can go south real quick.


  • Let’s get turn down: On the subject of metabolism, I could drink/ go out daily in my 20’s now… if I dare go out on a Friday I need minimum of 4 working days to fully recover.. a perfect weekend plan for me is watching Insecure drinking an iced latte ( I know it has calories –the struggle)

My advice: watch your savings go up because you aren’t drinking jager bombs every weekend.


  • Motherhood: I am the mommy to the most precious  boys, 8 year old and 2 year old boy- actually he turns 3 in a month and 28 days. I love and adore them but guys it’s not easy… especially with my toddler. He is at the age where he has so many questions and wants me to participate in his activities, he can be quite bossy… wonder where he gets that from. My leisure time is spent on the carpet playing “traffic jam” and making train sounds. I really enjoy it and am glad I have the energy and patience for it.

My advice: Have kids in your 30’s  – you are over the party scene that happens in your 20’s and you are not near retirement, so you still have energy.


  • Fashion/beauty: By the time you are 30 you should know your body and what suits it. There is no pressure to keep up with trends 20 year olds are rocking. Find your personal style and be true to it. Also get a simple make up routine –

My advice: Girl you are 30 not dead… SLAY BISH


  • Relationships and friendships: Don’t force them, the end. I have time for people who have time for me

My advice: Have one or two close girl friends who reeeeeeaaaaalllly got your back, plus a good catch up sesh is therapeutic.


  • Work and Career: Go for it; you are not getting any younger. Remember the saying “ you fail 100% if you never try” So apply for that job, ask for that promotion, start that business and open the damn YouTube page already.

My advice: Just start

So that’s it! I Hope you enjoyed the read.

Photography: Clement Kiragu

Location: Level 8

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