Hi good people and welcome back to my blog.

Have your heard? I am on Youtube! yes I finally gathered the courage to open a channel and so far I have two videos up. I live by the words “Bloom where you are planted we are all waiting for the Perfect time to make that dream a reality, to open that business or even start that blog. truth is the perfect time is NOW! exactly where you are, how you are with whatever you have or haven’t got! Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

So having taken the plunged into the YouTube sea with millions of other content creators I am excited to bring something that is uniquely me and I am so looking forward to it. Find my Channel here: youtube.com/geekonfashion subscribe, thumbs up and lets grow together.

On to today’s post. ..in the spirit of blooming. Most people tend to shy away from floral prints. I on the opposite embrace bold blooms with both arms.

The waist tie on this blouse adds a fun twist (and perfectly concealed my food baby, Score!) also the cut out details on the sleeve is very on trend.  easy style tip -Pair florals with a solid color selected from the print, I chose blue but coral or white pants/ Skirt would still have made a good match.

Get the full look, details at the bottom

Photography by: Clement Kiragu

Location: Mezze on Deck : Four points by Sheraton Nairobi






Blouse: The Geek Boutique| Jean: Levis| Espadrilles: Woolworths|

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