Fun, Feminine, Floral and very budget friendly, this Yellow dress is all these things…

I love incorporating casual and weekend wear to my work wardrobe, that way I don’t get caught in a style rut and I get to maximize my wardrobe.

Here are a few tips to help you get away with wearing almost anything to work without getting in trouble with HR.

Tip 1: Wear a white shirt under it– in this case the spaghetti strap dress, wearing the shirt underneath completely changes the outfit. Use this trick on other sleeveless dresses or jumpsuits.

Tip 2: Wear closed shoes –  again, my outfit with Thong Sandals would seem very casual but wearing closed heeled shoes instantly makes it more formal

Tip 3: Put a blazer over it: Get away with jeans and a tee by adding a blazer, Voila!

Tip 4: Tuck it in and belt it up: You look more put together once you do those two things, regadrless of what you are wearing

Now go on and slay this work week. Dress from The Geek Boutique

Photography by Clement Kiragu


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