I have a renewed love for brunching, all thanks to Sankara Hotel. If you follow me on Instagram and snapchat  you know my Sunday was all the way lit! At least between the hours on 12-4pm.


We arrived at the 5 star hotels’s Artisan restaurant where a live band was belting out ballads from the 80,s and 90’s, food was laid out for kings! They had a cold and a hot section. my favorite was the cold foods. Am talking Sushi, mouthwatering Thai stir fry noodles with chicken, salami, ham, cheese, grilled chicken, fish, meatball curry, salads and all the dressings.( Needless to say I had nearly everything in this section)



If you love your soups they have a veg and non veg option and an array of freshly baked cakes and breads and a variety of spreads.

Did I mention the flowing Prosecco? Yes ma’am! As soon as I took my last sip of sparkling wine another bubbling glass was in the hands of my waiter. My kind of people 🙂


After a couple of wines I needed something heavier, a hot meal. I had some basmati fried rice, baked potatoes, a creamy broccoli, some steak with sauce and savory pork belly. Of course the selection was endless and there is an option of Indian food too!




Attention all mums. There is something for us too, they have a kids menu (not to mention the cutest plates, forks and spoons) apart from that Sankara has a separate kids play area, with adult supervision, letting you enjoy your afternoon.


This package is 4,000/- per person – a steal of you ask me-  children under 6 eat free and 7-12  is 50% off.

My date and I sat at the terrace, the weather was perfect, the conversations deep, intimate and funny all at the same time. The air vibrated with good energy and believe me when I say it’s was a Sunday worth leaving the house for.


I’ll be back and I hope to see you there this Sunday.