If there was one MAC product I would re-purchase over and over and over again (and I have) it would be the MAC fix plus or the Prep & prime spray.

The fix plus literally fixes your life – your make up life that is.

This fresh scented water like solution is more than a setting spritz…. Here are a 5 other ways I use the miracle spray.

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  • As a primer: After washing and moisturizing my face I spray some fix + on my bare make up free face, I gently rub it on to my skin and wallah… my face is a perfect canvas for my foundation and other makeup products.
  • Perfect foundation: If you use a beauty blender to apply liquid foundation then you know that a damp sponge gives you a nice even finish right? Now try spraying the beauty blender with the fix + (after you have dampened it) your foundation application game has just gone up a notch. The foundation will look like skin, simply flawless.
  • Want to make the eye shadow pop? Well spray a little fix + to your eyeshadow brush and then pick the color you wish to apply on your lids, instantly see how pigmented the color is, perfect for a glam night look.
  • Revive the dead: don’t throw away that lumpy mascara just yet. Spray a little (it goes a long way) into the mascara bottle, insert the wand and close it tight. Now roll the bottle between the palm of your hands for a few minutes now open and use. PS: don’t dip the wand in and out your mascara bottle, you are only pumping in air which makes it dry even more.
  • Mold it back to shape: ever dropped your highlighter, compact powder or even blush and have it beak into a million pieces? Well, fix + will fix it! Wipe your tears and collect all the bits and pieces putting them back like a jigsaw, then spray the fix + all over molding it back to place. Let it dry and in 24 hrs your makeup is as good as new!
  • As a finishing spray, once you are done applying everything, hold the bottleĀ arms length from your face and spritz all over. This not only sets your make up for the day but leaves a dewy effect… you know like you have been juicing all month long and your skin is just glowing.
  • Another tip is carry the fix + in your makeup bag if you want to freshen up your make up hours after you applied it.

Oh it really is a Mr Fix it! Whatever formula is in this product, MAC have a sure winner here.

Until next Tuesday