Photography by Boy On The Ledge
In continuation of last week’s post here’s the other 5 things you need to know by the time you are 30. 
6.     Quality over quantity: Invest in good jewelry and Handbags. Classic pieces that won’t go    out of fashion next month or fall apart after a few wears.
7.     Labels: Don’t get hang up on them, as long as an item is good quality, durable and well-  tailored, the rest is just details.
8.     Forget the rules: Mix prints, wear denim on denim and white after labour day. You say  what goes.
9.     What size are you? I am the size that fits *snaps finger. All clothes are made different, you  could wear a 12 in one brand and a 10 in another, the question is, does it fit perfect?
10.     Kitten heels are sexy: and wedges too, remember point  4 – comfort comes first. We are  now grown J
Any other tips you would like to add? Please share on comment section below.

 Skirt:Fashion Geek Kenya| Shirt:Woolworths| Heels:Zara
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