Hi Fashion lovers, two posts in one week, this is dedication 🙂

The tartan pattern is more or less what the Maasai shuka looks like, this print is it vibrant and bold! I love it!

Styled the skirt for a work/ office look, but I think this skirt is versatile.

The shoes honey! nothing like pair of black pumps. Every closet needs a pair of these, I posted a close up pic of the beauties on instagram, SIDE NOTE* follow me on IG to get a peek at my latest buys first and you can get them too before stock runs out.

The leather lapel on the jacket and the gold studs on the bag are my way to add a little “edge” on a rather simple classic get up.

Enjoy the pics and let me know if you would rock this print….

 Skirt:2nu collections

 Bag: Kish Culture
 White chiffon blouse:2NU
 Shoes: Sonie Shoes also available @ Dybes collection

Till next time