I am on a roll geeks! another post already..*claps for me

The weather did a 360 on us here in Nairobi right? I love it though.

I wore this fit yesterday. Well, I woke up super late and didn’t have time to do any ironing,
This dress is truly a keeper, it doesn’t wrinkle at all and is great for those days you are in a hurry or when travelling. the tights were a must – the weather was brrrrr and the ankle boots and bag put a little edge on it.

Here are the pics, notice the sweat on my brow. No lie I was up and ready in 12min 47 seconds 🙂

 Red lippy from Flomar- available at any Nakumatt supermarket
I like to add some edge to a basic get up
 look back on it! look back on it!
Gold cap toe ankle boots – Ukkiosk
Gotta keep moving forward
til next time